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Twelve Houses in Vedic Astrology

Each person has a zodiac sign according to astrology; this is the sign is used to read your horoscope. Based on the zodiac, this sign indicates where the moon was placed when you were born.

A birth chart is shown as a 360° wheel with twelve houses, or parts. Each planet and constellation in the zodiac was in a certain house or area of this wheel at the precise moment you were born. Knowing these placements can help you have a better understanding of how astrology affects important aspects of your life, such as your relationships, work, or health..

12 Houses in Vedic Astrology and Their Significance:

First House – House of self: The house of self is a common name for the first house. The placements in this house, which is ruled by Aries and the planet Mars, might open a portal for you to learn more about your external qualities, traits, viewpoint, and sense of expression. In other words, 1st house provides a wealth of information about your personality, including both the “visible components of your character” that currently define you and hints about how your personality may change in the future.

Second House – House of value and possessions: Your possessions are governed by the 2nd  house, which is not solely concerned with material belongings and is ruled by Taurus and Venus. Placements in this house can give you insight into everything that is yours, including your finances, investments, physical surroundings, as well as your inner self, needs, wants, and abilities. Your home’s name, Value, alludes to both your financial situation and your core values.

Third House – House of communication: The House of Communication is the name of the 3rd house. It may also be referred to as the House of Sharing by some astrologers. This house, which is ruled by Gemini and the planet Mercury, controls how you interact with other people. Because of this, astrologers turn to this house to learn more about a person’s verbal and written communication skills as well as their potential interactions with others, their surroundings, and themselves.

Fourth House – House of family and home: The 4th house, which is ruled by Cancer and the Moon, is all about ancestry, family, history, and customs. In other terms, it provides information about home, or “the location of one’s domestic affairs.” This house is regarded by many astrologers as the basis for a person’s identity, way of life, and religious convictions. You could get this house analyzed to get understanding of how you interact with your parents or kids, as well as how you take care of both yourself and other people.

Fifth House – House of pleasure: The 5th house, ruled by the Sun and Leo, regulates everything related to expression and creativity as Leos are noted for being charismatic, gregarious, and active. The 5th house informs you about the things that provide you happiness and fulfillment in life, including relationships, games, hobbies, and even your family and kids.

Sixth House – House of health: Mercury and pragmatic Virgo jointly rule the 6th house. This home addresses “the general condition of the body and mind,” or “health,” on all levels. It can therefore provide information about your mental and emotional well-being as well as your physical health and your body, and also how you handle challenges and potential growth opportunities. You can refer to this house to find out more about your ideal job and ways to help others.

Seventh House – House of partnerships: Your birth chart begins to turn away from personal revelations and begins to concentrate on the interpersonal, or how you connect with other people, in the 7th through the 12th houses. Because of this, Venus and Libra’s 7th house, which is all about partnerships? This isn’t just referring to a romantic relationship. This house’s astrological placements are said to influence how you engage with others in commercial connections, contracts, and negotiations. The House of Relationships and the House of Balance are other names for this house.

Eighth House – House of intimacy and joint resources: Scorpio, a passionate and enigmatic sign, rules the 8thhouse along with Mars. This house likewise focuses on relationships, but it does it in a way that emphasizes how those interactions change the people involved rather than how they behave in them

Ninth House – House of purpose:  The 9th House of Purpose, which is ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius, is sometimes referred to as the House of Philosophy. The reason for this is that it imports higher thoughts and philosophy. This is centered on our beliefs, values, ideals, and aspirations. Studying the planets this house can also provide insights into our ancestry, culture, and even travel, all of which have the ability to aid in our quest for meaning and personal development.

Tenth House – House of social status:  Because Capricorn is one of the zodiac’s most diligent workers, you should look to the 10th house, which is ruled by Saturn and Capricorn, to learn more about your career, accomplishments, and social standing, or how you “relate to, [are] devoted to, or characterized by friendly companionship or relations.” The mid-heaven, or boundary, of the 10thhouse is referred to as the cusp and might reveal more about your career path to astrologers. Your professional aspirations, goals, and potential success can all be influenced by this house. Some astrologers refer to it as the “fame” house.

Eleventh House – House of friendships:  The 11thhouse, ruled by Saturn, Uranus, and Aquarius, is concerned with our relationships with others and our ability to achieve harmony with them. You can learn more about the clubs, social groups, and organizations you are drawn to by looking at your astrological placements in this house. Self-actualization, defined as “the fulfilment of one’s full potential via creativity, independence, spontaneity, and an understanding of the real world,” is the main focus of this house.

Twelfth House – House of the subconscious: Jupiter, Neptune, and the sign of Pisces dominate the 12th house, often known as the House of Unconscious. You can look to this house to find out more about your interest, feelings, and suppressed mind, which “exists or operates beneath or beyond consciousness” because Pisces is a sign of emotions and creativity. Positions in the 12th house reveal a person’s inner strengths and flaws as well as how they confront and take responsibility for their past behavior. Also, some astrologers think you might examine this house for hints regarding ageing and life after death.