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Life Span Longevity

Life Span Longevity

Know Your Life Span by Birth Chart. Get in touch with your life span and know how to live a long and healthy life with astrology.

Discover more about your life by knowing the date of birth and time period. We can also tell you how long you have left to live, whether it is long or short, according to your natal chart.

If you are wondering how old you are from your birth chart, then this page is for you. Astrology is a great tool to help us get answers to many questions about life and its purpose. I have been studying astrology for many years and have a published book on the subject called “Astrology for Life” which focuses specifically on longevity.”

How do I know my longevity by astrology?
It is important to know when you will experience your best and worst moments of life. Knowing the exact time of your birth chart can help you plan accordingly. It will also help you predict when other important events will take place in your life such as marriage, children etc