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Role of Planet in Different Signs

Role of Planet in Different Signs

There is a lot of information on the role of planet in different zodiac signs. Consider the following:

Aries- Mars is the ruling planet for Aries, making this sign aggressive and confident. The energy from Mars is determined by how active it is in your signs. When it’s in active Pisces, Sagittarius, or Virgo sign, it brings an edge to your personality.

Taurus- Earth is the ruling planet for Taurus, making them traditional and determined. Earth provides stability to their life, as well as unending contentment. Pluto makes Taurus emotional, sentimental and sensual.

Gemini- Mercury is the ruling planet for Gemini, making them sharp and communicative. Mercury brings a duality to Gemini – they are both intellectual and quick-witted. However, when Mercury moves into any other sign, their dominant personality traits take over.