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Pitru Paksha (Shradh Days) – Everything About it

By Vineet Kamran on 09 September 2022

Poornima of Bhadra Month falls on 10th September 2022 in Indian lunar calendar which marks the start of Pitra Paksha for 2022…

Karma, Astrology and Love Relationships

By Vineet Kamran on 16 August 2022

Karma is the description of the experience process. In one way or the other, the experience is set in motion by us and those experiences consecutively bring results. The response in some cases is quick as well…

Problems with Speech, Communication and Memory in Astrology.

By Vineet Kamran on 26 July 2022

Have you been forgetting things too much off late?

Are you a student and finding it too difficult in memorising your lessons?

Do u have your specs on your head, and you have been searching for it in whole house?…

Saturn-The Disciplinarian

By Vineet Kamran on 19July 2022

In my good old school days, Like every one’s mom I remember my mom used to wake me up early for school and as she was also a working lady She used to work out my time table for the day, from this time…

Vaastu – Demolition of all Problems, without any Demolition

By Vineet Kamran on 13 July 2022

Life is the synonym for struggle. Every Creature here in this lap of mother earth is to repay the loan of Prarabdha and Sanchit Karma…

Why do I feel Happy, Sad, Annoyed? Is it Planet Moon?

By Vineet Kamran on 04 July 2022

As explained in my earlier blog, Sun and Moon are two most important planets in your horoscope and in fact are of the Royal Status in Planetary Cabinet…

Soul of your birth chart-Planet Sun

By Vineet Kamran on 30 June 2022

Sun and Moon are two of the most important planets in your horoscope and are in fact, of the Royal Status in Planetary Cabinet. They are highest of hierarchy of the Divine government….

AstroArt Re-Brand

By Vineet Kamran on 25 June 2022

Today, we’re announcing a new AstroArt. In the last few weeks, we’ve made a number of changes to re-align ourselves around who we are and what we do to better serve our customers…