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Court Case Astrology

Court Cases Astrology - Bandhan Yoga - Jail Yoga

Astrology for Court cases - Legal Issues - Jail Yoga

Best Way to Handle Court Cases with Help of Astrology

Astrology for court cases, legal matters decipher many things from a person’s horoscope and offers remedies also. But court cases are a subject where the most important thing to see is the purpose of the person. To our opinion, there can be only two reasons for court cases, either by you or against you.

Firstly, where the native due to lower or unrestrained Jupiter, is trapped in Greed and unrealistic ambitions etc. These commotions prompt the native to indulge into Court cases or litigation.

Second, where the weak planetary position in the horoscope makes a person surrender to the influences & wilful deceptive desires of others.  This induces & lands the native towards Court cases and other litigatory situations.

The first reason generally commands the reasons of court cases. Any other reasons leading to such a jeopardy would be exceptions only. 

Generally, in astrology for Court cases, we learn about remedies for Court cases but we believe in our own Karma Rectification to Understand the consequences & its effectiveness here.

Which planet causes court cases?

 Sun (which represents soul) and Moon (which represents Mind). The disorder of any of these planets in birth is bound to give huge tension to the person.

 If Rahu – Sun combine or Rahu – Moon conjunction, the native not only faces court cases but also gets boundless tension during these cases.

Saturn – The influence of Saturn in Horoscope leads to misunderstanding between the parties, it tends to delay the court cases. It magnifies pressures on the person and can lead to depression.

Rahu – lead to adding twist in the court case matters. It can create misunderstanding with the lawyers, also fighting your legal cases.

Ketu – can make you lose money with orderly spending on these matters. It can even entice you to use bribery tactics in these cases. The extreme effect of Ketu in Horoscope can lead to death penalties also.

Mars – The presence of Mars in Horoscope if poorly placed, can be very severe. The natives can face severe repercussions, even without getting a proper chance of hearing/representation. Effected 8th and 12th house can also lead to life imprisonment/death warrant.

Which house is seen for legal issues?

The 8th House in the Horoscope designate the enormity of punishment one can get out of court cases.

It also shows the type of difficulties one can face in court cases and the court case’s duration. The 12th House in Horoscope is seen for the outcome. A strong Lagna Lord favours the native.

A Weak 1st House – The first house is your congruence. If the first lord is found weak or badly afflicted in kundli, then it indicates the likelihood of court cases. A weak ascendant and its lord don’t save an individual from falling victim to unpleasant situations like court cases.

Role of 6th house – is at the uppermost level while looking for the possibilities and reasons of a court case. 

The 6th house shows challenges, scuffle, court cases, debts and fights in an individual’s life. We usually face litigations for debt, fights or conspiracies of the enemies. If the 6th house in janam kundli is very strong in the birth chart, it may give court cases in the life of the native.

If the 6th house in birth chart is weak, the person faces court cases as well. The difference between these two is that in the former case, the native turns victorious and in the latter case, he must taste a defeat. If the lord of the 6th house in birth chart is weak, it can’t protect its house and the person constantly faces legal issues in life.

it is commonly seen that during the dasha period of the 6th lord or planets occupying the sixth house, the person must face legal happenings. A strong malefic is considered good in the 6th house as it helps to fight with the significations i.e., court case for the native. A malefic in the 6th house gives win in the court case.

A Strong Seventh House – The seventh house is the opposing house of the first house i.e., you. A stronger 7th house shows win of the opponent. A strong 7th house calls for a settlement rather fighting the case as a strong 7th house gives good public relations as well.

The Eighth and Twelfth House – The eighth house is a house of obstacles and punishments, if there is an inter connection of the 6th and 8th house- it gives punishment through a court case. Similarly, the 12th house is a house of imprisonment and a weak 12th house, or its lord may send you to jail.

Saturn – The karmkaraka Saturn judges the native for his/her sins and bad deeds. Thus, Saturn if under affliction of Rahu, Mars and ketu or weak may cause legal punishments. Weak Saturn in twelfth house sends a person to jail.

Bandha/Jail yoga in birth chart

Jail yoga in the horoscope, also known as Bandhan yoga in the horoscope, forms when Saturn, Lagnesh, and Shashtesh are placed with either Rahu or Ketu in the Kendra or Trikon houses. The former, also known as Lakshmi Sthana or Angular houses are the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses.


The best solution to handle court cases is by keeping check on one’s karma.

One should be conscious of bad actions and by correcting our actions step by step we may win over adverse events in our lives.

One should attempt to satisfy the planet Saturn by chanting mantra- “Om pram preem praum sah shanaishcharaye namah”.

Respect and concern yourself with your servants or laborers as they represent Saturn.

Nourish or Feed those in need to please Saturn.

Astrology for Court case and legal issues