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Children Astrology

Children Astrology | Child Birth Prediction | Baby Horoscope

We all know that the stars have an impact on our lives. It is true that the planets, stars and constellations play a major role in determining your destiny. Astrology is one of the most popular and oldest science which gives us an insight into what will happen in our lives based on our birth chart. In this article we will explore how child astrology can help us as parents or even if you’re not yet a parent but want to know more about child astrology then continue reading this blog post!

The horoscope of the child is based on the birth chart of the parents and their compatibility. A child’s astrological knowledge can help us in many ways. It can be used to choose the best time to conceive a child, predict his/her future and even control your destiny.

The best time for conceiving a baby according to your birth chart:

  • If you were born during january – april and have Saturn in 1st house (1st house) then your first pregnancy will be difficult because Saturn is associated with death and illness so you should avoid pregnancy during this period as far as possible.
  • If you were born between may – june or july-august then try not to get pregnant during these months because these are considered very good months for having children but if it happens then there will be no problems at all as long as everything goes smoothly without any complications occurring later on down stream too.*

No Child Yoga

No child yoga is a type of yoga that helps you to get rid of all the problems that you are facing in your life because of your children. It is a very good way to get rid of all the problems that you are facing because of your children.

The main goal of no child yoga is to help people who have been through some kind of trauma or pain, so they can feel better and live their lives with peace and joy.

IVF baby and astrology

  • IVF baby is a boon for the couples who are unable to conceive naturally. With the advent of modern technology, it has become possible to conceive an embryo artificially using IVF. In fact, it is now possible to have a child even if you’re older than 40 years old or if you have some medical condition that makes pregnancy difficult. The process involves extracting eggs from your ovaries (ovarian stimulation), fertilizing them with sperm cells in vitro (in vitro fertilization), then implanting the embryos into uterine lining in order to induce pregnancy

Child Adoption in kundli

Child adoption in kundli is very important because it gives you a chance to make your life better. It also helps you to increase your inner peace and happiness. The process of child adoption is simple, but it requires certain things that need to be done correctly in order for the plan to succeed.

A child’s future can be predicted by using astrology software which has been proven effective by many users worldwide. You just need to enter all the information about yourself along with details about your partner. After this step has been completed successfully, it will show you a detailed report about how well compatible both of you are with each other so as not only fulfill each other’s needs but also live happily ever after together forever!

Parent child relationship

Parent child relationship is very important. Parents should take care of their children and teach them good things, but they should also teach bad things to their children. If a parent does not teach his or her child good things, it will be difficult for him or her when he grows up. For example, a mother may want her son to become an expert in computer programming or engineering so that he can earn lots of money and buy himself an expensive car after graduation from high school! But if she does not teach him about computers at home when growing up, then how will he know what kind of job he wants after graduating from college?

We can use the astrological knowledge to make our lives better, we should be alert with our children and family members.


Now you know how child astrology help us. Everything is possible by our will power, we can do anything for our family and friends. We should be alert with our children and family members.

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