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Shani Sade Sati Calculator

Shani Sade Sati Calculator For You

Shani Sade Sati Effects and Remedies

On hearing about Shani’s Sade Sati, a fear prevails in the minds of the people. This dasha (period) of Saturn is also like the rest of the dashas of planets and there is no need to be unnecessarily scared of it.

What is Sade Sati?

Saturn or Shani as it is called in Hindi or in Vedic astrology, transits through three signs for two and a half years in each sign, so this period which totals to approximately 7.5 years is known as Sade Sati. 

Above transit of 3 signs is :

First phase of Sade Sati – Transit of Saturn in 12th house from moon in native’s horoscope..

2nd  phase of Sade Sati – Transit of Saturn in the same house as of the moon sign in native’s horoscope..

3rd  phase of Sade Sati – Transit of Saturn in the 2nd house from the moon sign in native’s horoscope.

It is only an illusion of the people that during this a person gets only inauspicious results in his life, but the fact of the matter is that there are mixed results of the same.

Still, there is less idea about the fact that why people often get apprehensive about their future on listening to the news of Sade Sati being in their rashi.

As it is well known that Shani or Saturn is a malefic planet and the shani sade sati has three phases.

The entire period of Sade Sati is not full of troubles for any zodiac sign.

But except for one phase, you can expect better results in both the rest of the phases of the shani sade sati.All the three phases of Sade Sati have different effects on a person’s life. 

Let us find out what is the effect of each phase of sade sati on a person’s life?

The First Phase

This phase of Shani Sade Sati affects the financial condition of a person. expenses at this time can be more than the earnings of a person. Obstacles often stand as roadblocks in the way of achieving your goals.

There may be a delay in starting new projects due to the situation not being strong. Not only this, health and sleep related problems can trouble you. If you want to go abroad during this period, there can be a disturbance in that too, and this time can also give adverse effects on your grandmother.

The Second Phase

The second phase may create tension in your employment and family relations and may affect your loved ones. You have to stay away from your family at this time and various health problems may have to happen. Friends are also not your allies at this time, and you will have to work tirelessly to get success.

The Third Phase

In this phase of Sade Sati, you will not be able to enjoy worldly pleasures and luxuries. There can be a sudden increase in your expenses and apart from this, health related problems can also trouble you during this phase.

There may be ideological differences between you and your children. Overall, this stage It is painful for a person and he/ she may have to face disputes.

You can be a victim of Shani Sade Sati

If things are not going well for you despite tireless efforts, it may be that it is the time of Sade Sati of Shani.

Saturn’s Sade Sati can trouble you in both personal life and financial life. The details of the dasha of Sade Sati can tell you that Shani Sade Sati has entered your life.

How to Reduce the Ill Effects?

If you get a detailed description about Shani’s Sade Sati, then you will get through difficult times. By taking some measures, you can pass easily and you can get happiness.

To know about Saturn’s Sade Sati, you should consult a learned Vedic astrologer. If you are looking for a consultation regarding the sade sati of Shani, first check that if you are in the period of sade sati, or not, with the help of shani sade sati calculator on our website, you can also find out that which phase of the same is running on you.

Apart from this,by consulting an ace astrologer, you can also be aware of the do’s and don’ts during this period, so if there is any doubt in your head regarding the sade sati, you can book an appointment with us through the website or just by placing a call to us.

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