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Kaalsarp Dosh Calculator

Kaalsarp Dosh Calculator

KaalSarp Dosha Effects and Remedies

There are many kinds of defects mentioned in astrology. These defects give rise to many problems in life. That’s why it is very important to protect yourself from them and take measures to avoid their ill effects.

Many types of yoga and doshas are formed from time to time in a person’s horoscope. The native also gets benefit from these and due to this many problems can also arise. Similarly, in astrology, many types of defects are also there, which cause problems in a person’s life. One of these defects is ‘KaalSarp Dosh’. If you also have a question regarding What is KaalSarp dosha, and what are it’s effects, astrologers tell that due to KaalSarp Dosh, a person has to face problems financially, physically and mentally. In such a situation, some measures have been taken to get rid of this defect. But before that it is necessary to know what are the symptoms of KaalSarp Dosh.

It has been told in astrology that if there is KaalSarp Dosh in a person’s horoscope, then he faces financial and physical problems all the time. Along with this, the person also faces problems related to children. If there are more changes in a person’s job in arelatively short span of time or he is missing his job, then he/she should understand that this defect can also be the reason behind it. That’s why let’s know, how to get rid of KaalSarp Dosh.

How is KaalSarp Dosha Formed?
But, before that it may also interest you to know that how is the kaalsarp dosha formed in a horoscope.
To put it in very simple terms, KaalSarp dosha is formed when all the planets in the horoscope are sandwiched between the evil planets, Rahu and Ketu.

Remedy to get rid of KaalSarp Dosh
According to Vedic astrologers, to get rid of KaalSarp Dosh, the person should install the statue of Lord Shri Krishna wearing peacock feathers in the house. Also, he should be worshiped every day and the ‘, Om Namho Bhagwate Vasudevaya‘ mantra should be chanted regularly 108 times.

Along with this, it has also been told that a person should perform Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva on Monday. With this, he can worship him by making 1.25 lakh small statues of clay. By doing this one can get rid of the effects of KaalSarp Dosh.

It has also been told in astrology that worshiping snakes also helps in getting rid of this defect. That’s why worship 8 major snakes on the fifth day of every month. You worship Ananta, Vasuki, Takshaka, Karkotaka, Padma, Mahapadma, Shankha and Kulik. Must worship Mahadev before worshiping snakes.

How to be Very Sure?
Before performing any kind of remedies regarding the nullification of the effects of the KaalSarp Dosha, one has to be very sure that, it is present in the horoscope or not.

To be very sure of the fact that your horoscopes got this dosha or not, you can always make use of the KaalSarp osha calculator present on our website.
If you are not content with the results of the calculator, and want some expert advice on the matter, like at what age the kaalsarp dosha comes to an end, you can always book an appointment with us.

Kaalsarp Dosh