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Mangal Manglik Dosha Calculator

Mangal Manglik Dosha

What is a Mangal Dosha and What Does it Do?

Manglik dosha haunts people from having a bad marriage or not having a marriage at all. There are many apprehensions and doubts about Mangal dosha, most of which are baseless. It is not that a person having a mangal dosha in his birth chart can’t marry or can’t lead a happy and content life.

This is just the positioning of Mars, and Mars also, like any other planet, must sit in one house or the other and make various permutations and combinations.

Mars sitting in some houses of the horoscope of a person means that he or she is afflicted by this dosha.

Can this be considered a dosha is itself to be questioned, as it is just the positioning of Mars, and nothing else. No planet is good or bad, all the planets have some positive and negative traits, and Mars is also not an exception to that. It is a common question of the people nowadays that Are you a manglik? What exactly being a manglik means. We will learn about the same in this extract.

What Is Manglik Dosha?
Manglik dosha is formed when Mars is in 1, 2,4,7,8, or 12th houses. This dosha or ill positioning of Mars can cause delays in marriage and marital disturbances for the people.
There are different mangal doshas, depending on the placement of Mars in different houses of the horoscope.

Mars in the Lagna (Ascendant) means first house, second, four, seventh, eighth or twelfth House from Moon chart and Natal Chart, it is a Manglik dosha.

Manglik Dosha, holds control over all marital aspects. Mars is also good if it is positioned well and forms benefic yogas with other planets and if the aspects or presence of other benefic planets curtails the evil effect.

What kind of dosha can Mars cause in numerous houses?
Mars can source dosha if placed in numerous houses in the birth-chart. Mars natives are extremely energetic with disproportionate self-esteem, and ego causing rifts in the relationship as of its overwhelming effect on the partner.

This dosha has the potential to disturb marriage, career, and finance.

Native with Mars in Lagna are rash and do not keep a calm head to the crisis and he or she is dominating.

Mars in the 2nd house will give a sharp tongue. The person can aggressively participate in verbal spats. This causes financial loss and social disrespect.
Apart from overpowering marital happiness, it induces jealousy between siblings because of the interference of the partners.

Mars in the 4th house can cause of hatred or misunderstanding between the couple,which can lead to dispute., 

Mars in 7th house has an adverse effect on the marital life, there would be an incongruity in emotive and sexual requirements of the partners. It may also convey about inter-caste marriages in some cases.
In the 7th House, Mars has a negative consequence on married life. The partners would be ardently unsuitable.

Mars in the 8th House can mean that the spouse can be short-lived. Great disturbance can be there in both families. 8th House is also the house of intrigues, hidden love affairs, scandals etc. Mars in the 8th house, lets the old attachments reappear through their lives and sources mishaps and distress for both partners.

Mars in the 12th House causes losses and absent carnal pleasures. The partners might not be compatible with each other sexually, causing disharmony.

Can the Mangal Dosha be cancelled in a chart?

• Some planetary convergences can cancel the mangal dosha.

• The Mangal Dosh is nullified if the partner’s chart has Saturn in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th houses.

• A debilitated, combusted, weak, poorly aspected Mars does not cause predictable harm.

• Jupiter in the Kendra or Trikona in the horoscope of a female cancel the negative effects.

• The Mangal dosh would be neutralized when it has a movable sign like Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

• The Manglik dosha will be prevented if Mars is in the 4th House, in swakshetra, or in the sign of Venus.

• The Mangal Dosh gets cancelled if Mars conjuncts with Rahu, Moon, or Venus in the Second House, or if Rahu is in a Kendra and Mars is beneficially aspected by Jupiter.

• If Mars is in the ascendant in Aries, Leo, or Aquarius, it will abandon the bad effects of Mangal Dosha. Venus and Moon in the 2nd House would cancel the mangal dosha. The Mangal Dosh is cancelled when the planet Moon is in Kendra.

The effects can be abridged by horoscopes matching correctly with regards to the position of Mars from, Moon, Ascendant, and Venus. For contemplating marriage, it is vital to study a few more factors like marriage compatibility, nadi dosha etc. apart from just a mangal match.

If you want to know about the fact that, are you a manglik or not, you can always check out our mangal dosha calculator present on the website, and for the remedies related to Mangal dosha, of course, if you have a mangal dosha present in your horoscope, you can visit our website or book an appointment with us.

Mangal Manglik Dosha