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Vastu for Home and Commercial

What is Vastu?

The five elements of nature are integrated in the ancient science of directions known as vastu shastra. It is a way of life based on adhering to laws of directions.

To draw in uplifting energies and well-being, we must comply with certain sets of laws and regulations for each direction. God Brahma first gave Rishi Garga an explanation of these principles. Garga then instructed Parashara while using science, transmitted the knowledge onto Bruhadradha, and finally, Viswakarma learnt from Bruhadradha. 

And this is how Viswakarma made the world aware about vastu. This science allows us to rectify Vastu flaws in the surroundings.

Vastu for Home and Commercial
Vastu for Home and Commercial

Vaastu Consultant in Gurgaon

Every part of life has a unique perspective. Many people look for an expert Vaastu consultant who can point them in the right direction. With more than 10 years of vaastu experience, AstroArt is one of the most skilled vaastu consultants.  Vaastu concepts and remedies bring prosperity and good vibes into our lives.

Our goal is to educate most people on vastu and help them correct any vastu doshas in their surroundings. Vaastu is incredibly important whether you are at home or at work, whether you are a business owner or want your staff to work well for you. You should consider Vastu when making plans and settling issues.

When it comes to where to put your cabin or which direction your staff should face while working for you, Mr. Vineet Kamran, a Head Vastu Consultant and his team from AstroArt, can provide you precise guidelines based on Vastu tenets. 

If you want to attract wealth and good fortune, you can schedule a vastu consultation. However, if you’re intending to build a new home, you should contact us first preferably even before buying the land. If your dream home has already been built, don’t worry; our goal is to help you eliminate Vastu doshas without having to demolish anything.


Direction is Crucial.

Since you are aware that we have various directions—all of which, believe us, are equally important—it would be good if you adhered to their regulations as you prepared your settlements.
The eight directions that are most frequently used are south, south-west, east, south-east, west, north-west, north, and east. If you adhere to the Vaastu Shashtra’s rules when planning your projects, you will have a higher success rate.

What we offer?

You can plan Vastu for your house, workplace, godown, factory, etc. with AstroArt. Our vastu specialist will give you a full report for your home and provide extensive instructions on how to fix your vastu doshas.

For specific issues in homes, workplaces, and factories, AstroArt offers trustworthy, cost-effective, and effective solutions. Additionally, we offer a thorough examination of the property along with a thorough report on every facet of each location.

How Process is executed?

Simply give us a call at the number provided if you need any kind of information and share specifics about your location, building size, dimensions, number of levels, and site images.In the following stage, we will need your floor plans or building’s drawing, preferably one that shows your current setup. If a drawing is not already accessible, we can have one prepared for you.

A quick video conference is required to get to know one another and discuss any issues you may be having. You will be informed of how we may assist you in resolving astrology and Vastu-related problems within a reasonable budget during the same conversation.

This step is followed by a site visit which can be anywhere in India or abroad. This step’s goal is to take the necessary, extremely accurate, and precise readings of your surroundings. Following the analysis, we’ll get in touch with you and give thorough reports of Vaastu remedies.