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Separation or Divorce In Birth Chart

Astrology is a popular tool for predicting future events. But what happens when two astrological signs are just not compatible? Astrology can be a powerful predictor of relationships and divorce. Here we will explore the correlations between astrology and divorce and offer tips for reconciling differences.

When considering the possibility of divorce, it’s important to consider our astrological signs, as these can have a direct impact on whether we decide to end our relationship. The planets in your birth chart are influential in your daily behaviour, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. They can also create strong influences in relationships.

Certain astrological signs are more liable to experience trouble in relationships than others. Pisces (water signs) are often associated with instability and need frequent reassurance that they are loved. When they enter a relationship, they often give their all emotionally, which can easily lead to heartache if their partner doesn’t return that love equally.

Aries,Leo,Sagittarius (fire signs) can be quite demanding in relationships, frequently pushing their partners too hard. If you’re married to a Sagittarius, know that this sign may be difficult to live with if you feel like you’re constantly being pushed to your limits. Aries (land/earth signs) are strong-willed and opinionated at times, and this can quickly lead to arguments if both parties don’t agree on everything from the start of the relationship.

If you find yourself struggling in a relationship caused by incompatible astrological signs, here are some tips for reconciling:

Talk openly about what’s bothering you. Don’t bottle things up; let your partner know exactly how you feel so that conversations can start moving forward in a constructive way. It might also help if one of you spends time away from the other person so that communication isn’t restricted to an emotional battleground – after all, discussing problems face-to-face is always better than allowing them to fester!


Respect each other ’s passions. When there seems to be an insurmountable disagreement between two people who care deeply about different things, it often becomes impossible to put a resolution together without compromising either party’s individual values or views. Remind each other why the relationship matters.

No matter how unhappy you might be right now, try reminding yourself why it was so important for you both to get married or partner up in the first place. Prayer is always an effective way to obtain guidance during difficult times.

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