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Property Astrology

Property Astrologer | Property Disputes | Property Yoga

Property Astrology is the art of predicting the future of a property. It is done by studying the position of the planets in the horoscope and the house in which they are placed.

Mars denotes land and property and its influence on the 4th house is very important. Similarly, the roles of Jupiter and Venus are important because both of them are beneficial planets that help in property ownership. The dasha of Jupiter, Venus and Mars are generally good for buying property

Do You Have a Property Yoga in Kundali

The Lord of Fourth House, if placed well in the Second House (Eleventh House after the Fourth House), then a person has a property yoga in kundli, which is inherited from the maternal family.

Astrology answers whether one is enriched to get the property,if it’s so, then what kind of property and what age. Planets or Graha like moon,venus and jupiter plays a important role in property matters.

As per Vedic astrology, the Lord of the 4th house in birth chart and Lagan and its Lord are vital factors that delineate the destiny of your property possession. Besides, other planets, like  Jupiter, Venus, and Moon, play a dominating role. The fourth house in the natal chart indicates the place or home you presently reside in

Property Disputes in Birth Chart

When the 4th house is effected in the kundali, as well as the D-4 chart, it creates yogas of property disputes, due to title fraud. Furthermore, when evil  planets transit into the 4th house, in the D-4 chart, that also signifies property disputes over the title of the estate.

Saturn and Mars are the planets that are responsible for property disputes. Weak  or flustered Saturn in the 4th House creates the yoga of property and land disputes in a birth chart.

If any astrologers confirms that you have the evil eye of Saturn or Mars in the 4th House, you must perform Navagraha Shanti pooja . It reduces the evil effects of the planets. 

You can also pray to Shani dev in a Shani temple on Saturday to please him.

Best time for buying property

A best time or a Shubh Mahurat  to buy a house is hugely beneficial. If the home is bought at an auspicious time, it will benefit all the family members. 

Auspicious months : Vaishakh month, Jyeshtha month, Ashadh month (before Gemini enters Libra), Margashirsha month, Magha month, and Falgun month are best for buying a house.

Best dates : Krishna Paksha  Pratipada Tithi, Dwitiya Tithi of Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha, Panchami Tithi, Shashti Tithi, Dashami Tithi, Ekadashi Tithi, and Poornima Tithi are best for acquiring a house.

Nakshatra :  Mrigashira,Punarvasu, Ashlesha ,Magha, Visakha , Anuradha , Poorva Phalguni, Poorvashada, Poorva Bhadrapada, Mool, Swati, Shatabhisha Nakshatra, and Revati  are the favorable nakshatras for buying a property.

Day:  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Best time for selling the property

In any horoscope the existance of 4th house lord in 2nd or 11th house supports selling of property and if it is connected anyway with Mars then there is a possibility of selling of landed property.

Astrologically, Mars rules the real estate business. Since this red planet denotes land and property, it spells its effects on the 4th house.

Best time to sell a Property as per Astrology is 3rd house, 5th house,10th house, 11th house. If this combination is there in your horoscope ,you can be sure of selling your property at a much higher price thannormal, you will get a good buyer at that time.

Selling off your property is directly connected to money and another easy way to attract more energy to your property is by chanting Goddess Laxmi’s mantra. It is the easiest mantra ‘Shree’. You can chant it 108 times everyday. You can also chant the Laxmi Suktam as it is considered beneficial.

Parental Property Yoga

When Jupiter is forming a relation with the 8th house in a kundali then a person can attain ancestral property.

1st House– It  is related to the self so it is the most important house for all horoscopes because you are at the center  of every event in your life.

4th house – This is a key house for the property, land, home, vehicle and happiness of a family. If the 4th house or its lord is afflicted and connected somehow with the ascendant or its lord then the possibility of the property will arise in the period or sub-period of concerned planets

8th house – This house indicates Inheritance or ancestral property, the secret or gifted property in the life of any person.

8th house is considered unfavorable in the birth chart, but this house represents inherited wealth. When a person receives wealth from his ancestors like parents, father-in-law, maternal grandparents,, it is said to be inherited wealth. In the horoscope, this house is also associated with the money or gift received by the person through charity. In other words, the property obtained instantaneously without hard work is connected with the 8th house.

When will you buy your own house

  • If the Moon is in the 4th House, you’ll buy a large home early in your life.
  • If Venus is in the 4th House, you will buy a luxurious home at a pretty young age.
  • If Saturn is in the 4th House, you will buy an antique home before your middle age.
  • If Jupiter is in the 4th House, you will buy a home in your early thirties
  • If Mars is in the 4th House, you will buy a home that need renovations in your forties.
  • If Mercury is in the 4th House, you will buy a good home in your mid-thirties.
  • If Saturn and Ketu are in the 4th House, you will buy a comfortable home after you’re 44 or 52.
  • If Sun and Ketu are in the 4th House, you will buy a home you in or around the age of 52.