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Marriage is a big thing in the life of almost every individual. When two people decide to lead their entire life in the companionship of each other, then it is very important to ensure that it is the right match.

Is marriage on your mind? If yes, then you might opt for a Kundli matching /Horoscope Matching that has all the potential of easing your way to a take a call for the same. It is a process of matching and evaluating the horoscopes of both the potential partners, before they eventually tie the knot and pledge for living together, the rest of their life happily and with content.

This gives an idea about the fact that how much do the planets support the union of two individuals. The importance of marriage-matching is hard to deny, before taking such a major decision of life, such as marriage. Still, there are questions raised about the fact that why marriages fail even after Horoscope or Kundli matching for marriage. Well, let’s find an answer to this question.

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Are Kundli Matching Softwares Accurate?

We all are living in the world of computers and the internet, and this marks a huge impact on our lives. Now, there is no need to follow the traditional way of matching the horoscopes, as there are a variety of free Kundli Milan softwares going around, but the question remains, that is the level of accuracy of online horoscope matching.

This has a lot of implications in the existing scenario. This online process revolves around Gun Milan or Ashtkoot Milan, as it is called. The Gun Milan thing is only a part of a Kundli matching process and not the whole process.

So, online matching can be rightly called the preliminary step. It is not possible to get over the human element, but if the principles of Vedic astrology are followed, there are more chances of it being accurate.

Don’t Gamble with Your Marriage

The significance of marriage matching of charts has a role in getting the thoughts together for marriage, but it is also a fact that all the people do not practice it. There is a question often asked: what happens if we marry without Kundli matching? It is no less than a gamble, which might pay off or pull you down.

So, one thing you need to ask yourself is, is it sane to take perhaps the most significant decision of your life just as a gamble. It is better to have an idea about what is to unfold than to be entirely in the dark.

Gun Milan or Ashtkooot Milan is Not the Entire Kundli Matching

It is believed by many that Gun Milan is Kundli Milan, but this is not the case. Many people think about the fact that, what is the scenario if Gun Milan is less than 18 as it is often said by many masters to be the minimum score should be 18 or more for a good marriage to take place.

But it is just a part of the comprehensive process and not the whole process in itself. If upon matching of the horoscopes with the help of a Kundli matching calculator, it is found that less than the overall score is below 18, it does not always give the confirmation of the fact that a marriage cannot happen.

There are numerous other factors, including compatibility, which have a big role to play in deciding whether you can tie the knot.

Marriage counselling can Get You Sorted

When we go for a match making or Kundli Milan with the help of a free Kundli Milan, two possibilities can come up. Firstly, the matching of the charts, and the second, non-matching of charts. If one really wants to know what should be the next step in case of non-matching of the horoscopes, the answer to this question is, you can take an appointment from a marriage astrologer and have marriage counselling done.

This helps you to find out the compatibility between you and your potential partner and can really come in handy for you to make perhaps the most important decision of your life. Knowing about each other and knowing each other is a key to a successful marriage or even in a relationship.

But if there is a no-match of charts and marriage is done without a marriage counselling, the situation can really turn out to be tricky to say the least. If there is a considerable difference between the Kundlis, pre-marriage counselling can always solve the issue and ensure that there is no unfortunate turn of events.

Whether it is about comprehensive Kundli matching or marriage counselling, you can always take help from an experienced marriage astrologer. One, who can examine the charts for all the aspects, which are needed to be seen, before giving a go-ahead for marriage and, not only this, he / she should even check for compatibility between two individuals, willing to marry when it is a case of non-matching of the horoscopes.

If you want an appointment for a marriage match or any other kind of issue in life, you can always give us a call or just visit our website. Or, if you are one of those, who first wants an answer about a match from a software, then also, you can try out our calculator, and that too without spending a penny from your pocket.

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If you want an appointment for a marriage matching or any other kind of issue in life, you can always give us a call or just visit our website. Or, if you are one of those, who first want an answer about a match from a software, then also, you can try out our calculator, and that too without spending a penny from your pocket.