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Soul of your birth chart-Planet Sun

Role of planet sun in our horoscope according to vedic astrology

Sun and Moon are two of the most important planets in your horoscope and are in fact, of the Royal Status in Planetary Cabinet. They are highest of hierarchy of the Divine government.

its written very clearly in astrology scriptures “Surya Atma Jagatah Tasthu Shascha” which means the Sun is the soul of all that exists, whether inert or moving.

Sun is indispensable to the very existence of things.

Self of a person is read from the condition and function of the Sun in the birth chart.

In the spiritual domain, the body is sustained and enlivened by the Sun.

If Sun is strong in the horoscope, one will have a mellowed soul and will make great spiritual growth in life. It helps to seek enlightenment and truth.

Strong Sun benefits a native from the government (financially or high positions) or makes the native a very senior level of executive in the government  Sun is also significator of your father in your birth chart

Condition of Sun in horoscope tells us about overall health of the person and rules our heart, right eye, bones and part stomach too including headaches baldness etc.

People with medical history of heart problems will generally have weak or debilitated or afflicted Sun in the horoscope.

Sometimes, even if sun is strong in your horoscope but if it’s afflicted with malefic planets, its good enough to turn you into a short tempered, arrogant and an impatient person.

Simplest remedy to better your Sun in horoscope is gazing at the Sun and its red glow (early morning) with naked eyes as it rises.

Awaken the sun inside you. Like the great Indian Philosopher and poet Sri Aurobindo said: “May the inner Sun tranqualize and illumine the mind and awaken fully the heart and guide it.”

Stay Blessed

Vineet Kamran

Planet sun