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Why do I feel Happy, Sad, Annoyed? Is it Planet Moon?

Role of Planet moon in our life according to vedic astrology

As explained in my earlier blog, Sun and Moon are two most important planets in your horoscope and in fact are of the Royal Status in Planetary Cabinet. They are highest of hierarchy of the Divine government.

If Sun is King, then Moon is Queen. Sun is Soul and Moon is Mind.

Moon is in-fact master controller of our lives because behind every action, good or bad (Karma), whatever we do in our life it’s the thought which comes first and later is the action.

To see the real impact of moon, in our practical life, just see the condition of high tides in ocean water on a full moon night. On the same night notice your mind’s condition and your moods as our bodies also constitute of more than 70% water like ocean.

Moon married the 27 daughters of the Daksha Prajapati (son of Lord Brahma). The names of these 27 wives of Moon are the 27 Nakshatras (Lunar Mansions) of the Zodiac. Moon visits each wife for one day in rotation. It can be hence proved directly or indirectly why Moon has been a favourite of many poets symbolizing the romance.

It is also believed in astrology, Moon’s stay in different nakshatras is codified, which indicates Hindu festivals, Tithis (lunar dates), lunar months etc. I will talk exclusively in greater detail about 27 Nakshatras (in-fact 28) in one of forth coming blogs.

As explained Moon controls our mind, so if you have a rightly placed benefic or positive waxing moon (i.e., heading towards Purnima also called Shukla Paksha) and at same time un-afflicted by malefic planets then it’s very beneficial for the native and that native enjoys a peaceful and balanced mind in-spite of ups and downs.

Same moon if badly afflicted, because of malefic or bad aspects or conjunctions in horoscope can land one in mental asylum (as its significator of mind) or grave too. Weak moon in horoscope can become reason for many diseases like ailments like TB, pleurisy, chronic chest ailments or other watery diseases.

So, keeping Moon in good condition in our lives becomes a thing of utmost importance and most powerful remedy for a bad moon in horoscope is Meditation

Stay Blessed

Vineet H Kamran