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What is a Horoscope and What is Astrology

Horoscope and Astrology

What is a horoscope?

A horoscope is a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born. or we can say that its picture of the universe at your time of birth. 

According to Hindu scriptures, the astrologers were able to interpret the meaning of these star patterns at the time of birth of a native. Horoscope is also known as your natal chart or Kundali in Hindi language

The word “natal” comes from Latin and means “native.” Natal chart or Kundali is used by astrologers to determine what kind of personality traits, skills, and abilities you possess based on where various planets were positioned when they made their appearance in space above Earth’s atmosphere.

What is Astrology or Jyotisha?

Astrology is the practice of interpreting celestial influence upon human affairs and terrestrial events by their supposed positions in relation to stars and planetary movements. The different elements in a horoscope, like sign, house and planetary rulership, are often represented by glyphs or symbols; each individual’s horoscope reveals personal information about an individual’s talents, strengths and shortcomings.
The information contained in an astrological chart can help us understand ourselves better by showing us how we fit into our environment and what goes on around us as well as inside us (the inner planets).
Astrology has been around for thousands of years, and its principles have been used to interpret the meaning of star patterns. The ancient astrologers were able to interpret these star patterns in ways that enabled them to predict future events, such as whether you would get married or not or when is time when u may get unwell or when will you get a new job or job promotion etc.
Interpretation of horoscope 
This actually an Art of expression.
Astrology is main stream system predictive science and others like numerology, palmistry etc. are sister sciences. Astrology can be considered very near to science.
As per science, there are 2 kinds of systems for consideration regarding movement of planets around the sun
• Heliocentric system – Sun is centre and stationery and other                  planets orbit around it. 
• Geocentric system where it looks like earth is stationery & Sun is moving whereas actually it is not (heliocentric). 
In Vedic Astrology geocentric system is followed, The reason for the same is that humanity who is studying these motions of planets resides on planet earth and we see everything in space with respect to our location on earth only. We cannot park our chair on planet SUN to study the motions of planets around sun.
12 Rashis  or zodiac signs around in 360 ͦ with each angle at 30 ͦ.
Main tool of Vedic astrology is horoscope, which has 4 pillars. 
Vineet Kamran
Horoscope and astrology

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