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Pitru Paksha

Pitru Paksha (Shradh Days) – Everything About it

Pitru Paksha 16 days to remember your ancestors

How to Calculate Shradh day for the departed soul and what all to do:

Poornima of Bhadra Month falls on 10th September 2022 in Indian lunar calendar which marks the start of Pitra Paksha for 2022 and precisely it starts in Krishna Paksha (Waning Moon Period) of ASHWIN month of Hindu calendar which starts on Saturday 10th Sep 2022, and it ends with New Moon Day on 25th September 2022.

This is the time to pay respects to departed souls of loved ones and ancestors whom you lost in your life by God’s will.

You are advised to perform Shradh pooja as per his/her Tithi (Hindu calendar day) of death.

How to Calculate day of Shradh for your loved one:

The person who dies on the date of Shukla Paksha (Waxing moon period) or Krishna Paksha (Waning Moon Period) of any month, his Shradh Karma is performed on the same date (Lunar Tithi) of Pitru Paksha.

Like for example on 10th Sep 2022 (Purnima day), Shradh can be performed only for those people who died on Poornima or full moon day on any tithi.

You can check Tithi of departed soul by googling the lunar calendar tithi on that date, time and place of death and accordingly you can know the Shradh day for your beloved one or you can ask me for the same in comments section.

If you do not know the date of death or you cannot calculate – Then perform the Shradh on 25th Sep,2022, the new moon day and last Shradh day.

Offerings of food can be same what you eat in your daily life. There is no need of overspending.

What to do?

Following are general doings, not all are compulsory, but one should do whatever is possible. These become more important for people with Pitra dosha in the horoscope. 

1 Feed the priests, donate money and red clothes to them and perform Pitra Tarpan. 

2 Hang a picture of ancestors on the south wall of house and put garland of flowers to give respect.

3 Feed the priests and offer charity as per his potency on their death date.

4. Perform Tarpan and Shradh.

5.Worship Peepal Tree (Sacred Fig) with Buttermilk, Water of holy river Ganga, Black Sesame, Sugar, Water and Flowers while chanting, “Om Pitrabhaya namah” (ॐ पितृभ्य: नम )

6. Worship the Sun on every Sankranti, Amavasya and Sunday and offer Red Sandalwood, Ganga Jal and pure water while chanting      beej mantra

7. Pitra Tarpan on every Amavasya while sitting facing the south direction is considered to beneficial.

8. Offer Water, Flowers, Rice, Milk, Ganga Jal, Black Sesame to the Peepal Tree(Sacred Fig)  and light lamps under it while reciting Naag stotra, Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, Rudra Sutak or Pitra strot.            

Feed and donate some money to priests as per your potency.

9. Worship Lord Shiva every Monday by offering 21 flowers of Aank, Buttermilk, Bilva leaves to reduce the negative impact of Pitra  Dosha.

May God Bless You
Hare Krishna

Pitru Paksha