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Birth Chart

Birth Chart | Read Horoscope | Janam Kundli


There are many aspects of human life, the curiosity to know about which is there in every individual. For those who wish to have the answer to the question that what does my Kundli tell me? getting the horoscope analysed is the way to go. There is no doubt that what is unknown has an attraction of its own, but if we have some knowledge about our future, it can make our life a lot easier.

If you want to know about the fact that how does horoscope help me? All you have to do is get your horoscope analysed by an able Vedic astrologer. If you are not having a horoscope, it can be easily made by using a Janma Kundli (Birth Horoscope) calculator present on the website or you can request us for a free pdf of your horoscope by filling the form present on our website.

A birth chart is the account of the present life of a person on the basis of his deeds in previous birth. If we do good deeds, and if we have done good deeds in previous births as well, then based on them we will get auspicious results in this lifetime, due to the presence of auspicious yogas in our horoscope. On the contrary, because of the bad deeds done in the previous birth, there are some malefic permutations combinations in the birth chart. So in short, it can be said that a horoscope/ birth chart is a document, which is prepared on the basis of the accumulated deeds of your previous births. It is made as per the condition and position of the planets at the time of birth of a person.

The desire to know about the future can be fulfilled to some extent by the analysis of a Kundli. This analysis can provide information about many aspects of life such as marriage, career, finance, health, court case, property, business etc., but it mainly covers the four main aspects of life. These are health, finance, career and love.

In today’s era, creating a birth chart/ Kundli is not a difficult task, but the study of the horoscope is possible only by an experienced astrologer. The work of studying horoscopes is largely done based on precise calculations. The more accurate the calculations, the more accurate the astrological predictions related to life will be.

 How will be your Health?

Health is the basis of a better life. If a person is completely healthy then only, he can live his life in a better way. The horoscope talks about the health of a person in detail. The first and sixth houses of the horoscope represent health and the eighth house represents age.

Getting the horoscope analysed by a qualified astrologer, it is possible to know about your health, and what can be done to improve the same. Health analysis through horoscope helps you to be alert with regards to your health

How will your Finance and Wealth?

Everyone wants to live a happy and prosperous life. How successful you will be in this and what your financial condition will be like, you can know all this from your horoscope.

Money may not be everything in life, but it is necessary. Horoscopes play an important role in throwing some light on the topics, such as wealth, sources of income, prosperity in your life.

Like every aspect, there are specific houses in a horoscope for finance. The second house in the horoscope is known as the Dhan Sthan, or the house of wealth and the 11th house is the house of gains.

So, for having an idea about your finances, the 2nd  house and 11th  of your Kundli is assessed.

What will be your Career?

How well you will be able to live your life is largely determined by the career you choose. Which job or business would be a better option for you to make a living, you can get the answer to this question through the analysis of your horoscope. For this, mainly the tenth house of your horoscope is analysed.

Apart from this, the sixth and seventh house and some yogas are also seen in this relation, which is well known to a qualified astrologer.

Various aspects of the planets are seen to give a prediction about whether it is better for a person to do a job or be in service or think about business as a career prospect.

When and how will you get Married?

Man is a social animal and lives his life among people and relationships. Marriage is as important an aspect of human life as any other aspect.

Along with being a social concern, it is also a mutual coming together of two people. You can get some idea from your horoscope whether you will have a love marriage or an arranged one and at what time your marriage will happen.

Mainly the seventh house of the horoscope, which is called the house of marriage and partnership. Apart from this, Jupiter is the factor of marriage, which determines the type of marriage and married life for a person.

Apart from these four main aspects, there are many other aspects about which your birth chart can tell you. Please visit our website in totality for the same. 

You still have some specific questions and want your horoscope to be read by an able astrologer, there is also an option to book an appointment with us.

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