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Kitchen for Vastu

The Art of Culinary Harmony: A Guide to Kitchen Vastu

The Art of Culinary Harmony: A Guide to Kitchen for Vastu

Food is cooked and served in the kitchen, the center of the house. The ancient Indian science of architecture and design known as vastu provides insightful advice on how to create a kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful. By following these guidelines, you may make cooking enjoyable, encourage wholesome eating, and protect your family’s health.

The Ideal Location:

The location of the kitchen in a house is important according to Vastu. The kitchen should ideally be located in the fire element’s southeast corner. This zone is thought to be the best for culinary pursuits because it is connected to change and energy. 

It is not advisable to situate the kitchen in the northwest or southwest corners, or directly underneath the bedroom or puja room. These arrangements may cause an imbalance in the house and interfere with the good energy’s flow. 

Planning and Design:

The two main elements at work in the kitchen are fire and water. Make sure the sink (water element) and cooking stove (fire element) are positioned correctly. The sink and stove should ideally be placed in the northwest and southeast corners, respectively. By keeping the conflicting elements apart, this fosters harmony and balance.

When cooking, position the cooking stove so that it faces east. It is thought that this alignment improves food quality and infuses cooking with pleasant energy. 

Choose a kitchen layout that is straightforward, square or rectangular, and has lots of storage space. Beams above should be avoided as they might impede the flow of energy and give the space a heaviness. 

For countertops and flooring, natural materials like granite, wood, and ceramic are recommended. These supplies encourage enthusiasm and cleanliness in the kitchen. 

The ambience and practicality of the room are greatly influenced by color choices. For walls and cabinets, choose warm, inviting hues like cream, orange, or yellow.

Steer clear of chilly hues like blue and black, which can stifle creativity in the kitchen and give off a cold vibe. 

For a cooking area to be both safe and functional, lighting is essential. For best visibility, install bright task lighting above the stoves and countertops. To create a cozy and welcoming ambiance, add some warmer ambient lighting as well. 

Maintaining Harmony:

• Maintain a spotless and well-organized kitchen at all times. Keep worktops clear of clutter, wipe surfaces frequently, and put appliances and utensils in their proper locations. In addition to enhancing hygiene, a clean kitchen also creates a calm and comfortable environment. 

• Make sure the kitchen has enough ventilation to efficiently remove fumes, smoke, and odors. Chimneys, exhaust fans, and windows can all help with this.


• Add real plants to the kitchen, such as money plants or tulsi (holy basil). These plants not only fill the room with wonderful energy, but they also purify the air. 

•  Express gratitude both before and after preparing food. By expressing gratitude for the food and the preparation process, you can improve the atmosphere and foster a sense of abundance. 

Additional Tips:

To prevent accidents involving fire and water, place the refrigerator far from the stove. 

• Position the trash can in the kitchen’s west or south section. 

• Refrain from pointing knives or forks in the direction of the kitchen door. 

• Keep food items, such as grains, in hygienic, sealed containers in the kitchen’s northwest corner. 


Recall that the guidelines for improving the flow of good energy are found in the principles of Vastu. When designing your kitchen hideaway, take into account your own preferences and arrangement, and give practicality and comfort first priority. You can make your kitchen a place that promotes wholesome food, good vibes, and a feeling of family unity by using these Vastu principles. 

Kitchen for Vastu

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