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Vastu – Demolition of all Problems, without any Demolition

How Vastu helps to solve day to day life problems?

Life is the synonym for struggle. Every Creature here in this lap of mother earth is to repay the loan of Prarabdha and Sanchit Karma. Every living being is facing the problems of life and dealing with day to day life troubles and struggling to make his life easy.

Well, we can’t change the will of God, but we can take surely use the tools given by our scriptures and Vastu is one of the wonderful tools which can be used to reduce the negativity in different zones of our life. As life is all about, the art of how we deal with our struggles, believe me, rightly implemented Vastu can affects every aspect of the life very positively. 

Struggling to complete basic expenditure/regular argumentation with your life partner/unhappy happy family in-spite of every possible attempt/long term disease or regular illness to any family member/children not concentrating in studies/ruined relationships in families or couples/Slow progress of business/accumulation of wealth is faraway even you are struggling to full-fill basic needs  etc. can be a few of those aspects of life which might be thwarting your mind towards negativity. Every situation can be perfectly handled by rightly implemented Vastu and can improvise the situation in a positive way. At times even minor Vastu remedial changes in your surroundings, can minimize these struggles.

Vastu is all about the directions and placement of objects in your surroundings. Vastu is for ensuring to maximize the flow of positive energies in your home and neutralize the negativity around us. There are several low energy zones around us which can affect our day to day life, placement of objects in these negative spots can affect the prosperity inside your home or workplace. 

Generally what happens to most of our clients that while constructing their house, Vastu norms are badly neglected because of unawareness of owner/contractor/architect, resulting in beautiful house aesthetically from outside but unhappy home inside. Once families start living in this house, they start facing issues like family problems, financial troubles, regular argumentation, Long Term disease, lack of prosperity. and they keep on struggling with these hindrances of life.

As per Vastu, though 32 directions are considered but there are ten primary directions which are East, West, North, South, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest, Space(Sky) and Pataal (Nadir).

To ensure the maximization of positive energy flow in home or workplace we have to follow Vastu norms for the direction and placement of the objects and human beings in our surroundings and to ensure that we need to consult a Vastu expert while constructing a new home or starting a new business. and for those who have already constructed their home or already setup their business at some place, we are here to guide you. Many remedial changes are done without any demolition. There will be minimal need for any demolition and struggles of life will be tackled with some minor changes around you. So, to ensure the flow of positivity around you, and prosperity inside your home or workplace consulting a Vastu expert is must. 

Stay Blessed

Vineet Kamran