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Saturn-The Disciplinarian

Saturn and its effects in Astrology

In my good old school days, Like every one’s mom I remember my mom used to wake me up early for school and as she was also a working lady She used to work out my time table for the day, from this time to this time you have to study then from this time to that time you have to go to play and the sleep at so and so time etc. etc. 

but like every child I used to slip on many things and then she used to get angry and punish me in her simple ways for my betterment. Same role was played by my father too time to time with help of little harsher punishments just to structure my life in the rightful disciplined form. Same role of parents was played by our teachers in school. 

My reader family, I am sure, same would have been happening at your abodes too. As we grow up in life, we understand that those punishments were actually needed for our better growth in life and then we do thank our teachers, parents for all their important and selfless involvement in pursuit of better discipline on our lives.

As grown-ups, are we scared of those people in our lives? Answer is surely NO. Then why are we scared of Saturn because the role of Saturn is same as our mother, father or teachers or people of similar stature in our lives who punished us in some form for our amelioration.

Saturn is a planet of KARMA and is a judge of our past Karmas which could be good or bad. We can surely name it a “DISCIPLENIRIAN” who teaches us how to be structured, organised and be full of patience and guides us that path of good karma is the right way to live to escape its cruel punishments. Saturn makes us a mature person.

As per our scriptures, if we do 10 good karmas and 10 bad Karmas, they don’t nullify each other mathematically rather we have to be prized for 10 good karmas and punished for 10 bad karmas That’s the way life cycle is. We just cannot run away from our own Karmas.

Saturn is master controller of results of our Karmas. Even the most sacred book The Gita tells “As you will sow so you will reap”. No one is beyond own karmas

Our past life deeds can be codified by just looking at the position of Saturn in horoscope That’s what Saturn takes care of. A rightly placed exalted Saturn in horoscope can be conducive to philosophical thinking, longevity, great Success, name and fame in his work and negatively placed Saturn can bring a good amount of grief sorrow and misery in life. 

Saturn teaches us DON’T RUN JUST WALK PATIENTLY and we will get what is due to us. Patience is key word for Saturn. Saturn never denies, it just delays and gives us what needs to be given to us. Even Saturn itself takes almost 30 years to complete one revolution around the Sun and stays for 2.5 years in one sign in our horoscope. Saturn rules dirt and filth of our bad karmas and takes care well of that. Saturn is very much against materialism and favours those who lead simple lives with minimum materialistic needs.

In totality Saturn is wonderful planet, a true teacher, to bring us all to our better senses and not at all a scary and dreadful Planet There is nothing to be scared of this beautiful planet.

As per mythology, Saturn is the son of Sun and Chhaya (shadow wife of Sun) and Sun never liked Saturn as it took traits of mother Chhaya who was dark and Sun itself is brightest of all stars. It’s also said that when Saturn first opened his eyes as a baby, the Sun went into an eclipse for the very first time. 

In spite of being son and father relation of Saturn and Sun, they have mutual disliking for each other. In-fact they are considered to be enemies in the matters of horoscope predictions.

Saturn is ruler of two signs, Capricorn and Aquarius, in the horoscope. Some of the conjunctions like Saturn-Rahu or Saturn-Moon are supposed to be little adverse to the native but off course sign and house placements do matter and will give less or more good or adverse results.

A person is said to be under the major affliction of Saturn known as “Saturn Sade Sati” when the planet Saturn is transiting through the 12th, 1st and 2nd house from the Natal Chart Moon, each transit being of approximately two and a half years. 

From ages, many astrologers and pundits have been scaring people of Sade Sati of Saturn. It’s not always like that, in-fact placement of Saturn in horoscope is very important to predict the result of “Sade Sati” For some this can be the most positive and best period of their lives.

Best Remedy of Malefic Saturn in horoscope:

Do not be Selfish, individualistic, respect older people, do good          deeds and keep patience and perseverance.

• Don’t try to follow path of shortcuts in life.

• Always be ready to accept results of Karmas  

Stay Blessed

Vineet H Kamran

saturn and its impact in our life