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Vastu for west facing house

Vastu for West Facing House

Contrary to popular belief, a west-facing house can be just as harmonious and prosperous as its north or east-facing counterparts, according to Vastu principles. In fact, a west-facing house offers unique advantages, making it a valuable option for many homeowners. Let’s explore some key aspects of West Facing House Vastu:

Embracing the Evening Sun:

One of the most significant advantages of a west-facing house is the abundance of natural light and warmth it receives in the evenings. This not only reduces dependence on artificial lighting but also creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere during the cooler months. However, Vastu suggests mitigating the excessive heat during summers by:

Planting trees or creepers on the west side of the house to create a natural shade.

Opting for light-colored curtains or blinds to reflect sunlight and keep the interiors cool.

Ensuring proper ventilation through windows and exhaust fans to prevent excessive heat build-up.

Harnessing the Power of the West:

The west direction in Vastu is associated with the element of metal and the planet Venus. It is believed to influence creativity, leadership, and social connections. Therefore, a west-facing house can be particularly beneficial for:

Individuals in creative fields: Artists, writers, and entrepreneurs can leverage the positive influence of the west direction to enhance their creativity and drive.

Those seeking leadership roles: The west is associated with ambition and leadership qualities, making it a favourable direction for those pursuing leadership positions or starting their own businesses.

People who value social interaction: The west is believed to promote social connections and harmony within the household.

Optimizing the Layout:

While the west-facing entrance is not considered ideal in Vastu, it is still acceptable. Here are some key considerations for optimizing the layout of a west-facing house:

Entrance: The most preferred entrance directions are north-west and north. However, if the entrance is in the west, ensure it is well-lit and avoid placing heavy furniture or clutter near the doorway.

Living Room: The living room can be ideally positioned in the north-west or north zone to create a balanced and harmonious space for family gatherings.

Bedrooms: Master bedroom placement in the south-west corner is considered auspicious. Children’s bedrooms can be situated in the north-west zone, promoting growth and development.

Kitchen: While the south-east corner is generally preferred, a west-facing kitchen can still be harmonious. Ensure proper separation between the cooking stove (fire element) and the sink (water element) by placing them in opposite corners.


Vastu principles are guidelines to enhance the flow of positive energy. Adapt these suggestions to your unique house layout and preferences. Prioritize functionality and comfort when creating your living spaces.

By embracing the warmth of the west and incorporating Vastu insights thoughtfully, you can transform your west-facing house into a harmonious and prosperous haven for your family.

Vastu for west facing house

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