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Karma, Astrology and Love Relationships

Astrology and Love

Karma is the description of the experience process. In one way or the other, the experience is set in motion by us and those experiences consecutively bring results. The response in some cases is quick as well.

Karmic relationships:

There are some cases in which karmic relationships have long passages that create uncertainty between the cause and effect. This left the person in puzzle and he starts feeling victimized. 

Here comes the question as what is the best manner to get the most from any relationship while having a look on the karmic pattern of the relationship? It is better to make proper plans for it, have discussion about it, work as per the plan and develop the signals that are benign and non-judgmental so as to better deal with the uncertain moments in the life of a person. 

In such cases, it is better that the two people who are in karmic relationship offer each other with best of support, encourage one another and commit to the individual growths of both in all the ways possible. 

After this, the good of every individual must be promoted along with the common good. This is something really big but it is must if your commitment is to work by means of karma.

Relationships and their astrological importance:

In some cases, we face good relationships in life but in some cases, they are not that good as well. Karma has the control of all these things. It is the karmic planets effect that results in all our thoughts, actions and behavior, mood swings, the way we behave, joy, anger , happiness etc.

The karmic planets also have control on love. There are some days when a person wakes up with a good mood and feel very happy and some days make him feel down and low as well. 

This is still same in world. These thoughts prevail in the mind of a person due to the impact of karmic planets and relationships on his mind. 

In some cases, the entry of these people in life is to harm or hurt you but in the other cases, they intend to cherish and love as well. Dependence of all these things is on the karmic connections. 


The negative effects coming from such planets could be minimized by reducing such karmic planets’ malefic effects. This is possible with the help of astrological remedies for the karmic relationships. 

This can create all the difference between the failure and success of relations in the life of a person. In general, the ritual or mantras form these remedies. All these karmic planets have ability of turning any type of malefic effects so that the negative actions from others or negative thoughts having link with you are diminished. 

Karmic relationships- Ketu and planets:
Following signs indicates the connection between Ketu and planets of a person:

• Sun conjunct Ketu: Power is indicated by sun and the other person            was more authoritative than you.
• Moon conjunct Ketu: Moon is termed as mother and therefore the              person could be connected as child in past life.
• Venus conjunct Ketu: Venus indicates lover or spouse in past life.
• Mercury conjunct Ketu: Sibling is indicated by mercury and the                  person could therefore the sister or brother in past life.
• Mars conjunct Ketu: Mars indicates soldier and the person could                therefore be a soldier or warrior in past life.
• Jupiter conjunct Ketu: Jupiter is the teacher or guru and the person          could be related as the benefactor in past life.
• Saturn conjunct Ketu: Taskmaster is indicated by Saturn and the                person was the teacher.
• Uranus conjunct Ketu: The person might be one of the activists                  having influence on you.
• Pluto conjunct Ketu: The person might be center authority of the                group of which you were having a membership. 
• Neptune conjunct Ketu: The person might be a spiritual leader                  having influence on you. 
If there is some kind of karmic relationship between you and a person than you might get the feeling of meeting your soul mate or a twin flame.
Passion, understanding, affection, love and trust, all form the significant elements of a relationship and are must in the relationship with soul-mate.

This love and feeling must increase manifold in life for a true and loving relationship. 
Stay Blessed
Vineet Kamran
astrology and Love