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Problems with Speech, Communication and Memory in Astrology.

Are you facing problem of Speech and Communication and memory, see how astrology can help you to deal with these problems

Have you been forgetting things too much off late?

Are you a student and finding it too difficult in memorising your lessons?

Do u have your specs on your head, and you have been searching for it in whole house?

Do you leave your mobile phone in drawing room that too in silent mode and keep searching it in your bedroom?

Are you very abusive in our general speech though you don’t really mean it? In-fact you lose control on your tongue & speech 

Do you stutter or stammer?

In any horoscope, majorly there are 4 factors which are reasons of the above.

1.Condition of 2nd house and lord of 2nd house of the horoscope. 2nd       house deals with our speech.

2.Condition of Planet Jupiter, the significator of 2nd house

3.Condition of the significator of speech i.e., Planet Mercury.


4. Condition of 3rd house and lord of 3rd house of the horoscope. 3rd   house deals with our communication skills

For people who don’t know which is 2nd house in horoscope, check the following picture which tells numbering of each house in any horoscope





Planet Mercury deals with our Intellect, memory, nervous system. 

Afflicted mercury causes mind associated problems and even can make one abusive. 

Strengthening of planet mercury can really help us all to have a better memory.

For any kind of speech defects, communication, or hearing issues in any native, following are a few important combinations which can be responsible for the same in horoscope.

Speech related:

1. Mercury as 6th house Lord in Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces ) and afflicted by malefic planets.

2. Mercury as 6th house Lord in Ascendant  and afflicted by malefics. 

3. Mercury in 9th house , Venus in 10th House  can cause stuttering stammering sometimes.

4. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces signs i.e. water signs occupied with malefic planets & afflicted by malefics too.

5. If Moon is aspected by a benefic planet in above combo, child starts speaking late. 

6. 2nd house Lord with Jupiter in 8th House. 

7. Full moon in Ascendant with Mars or Mars/Moon/Mercury together or aspecting each other. 

8. 3rd House/3rd Lord  malefic affliction.

9. Moon afflicted by malefic.

10. Afflicted Maha Dasha, Antar Dasha, Pratyantra Dasha related with 3rd House/3rd Lord at the time of birth.

11. Mercury with Saturn in very close association in horoscope can cause – deaf and dumb, stuttering & stammering.

Ear & Hearing related:
11th House/11th House Lord
3rd House/3rd House Lord
Significators – Mercury (Software), Jupiter (Hardware)
1.  Mercury in 6th , 8th , 12th house, aspected by Saturn. 

2.  Mercury & Venus in  12th – left ear.

3.  If malefic planets are in 3rd , 5th , 9th , 11th  Houses and none of the benefic effect is on these houses, one can be deaf from birth. 

4.  Mercury & 6th Lord in Trik houses (6th 8th 12th) aspected by Saturn.

5.  Sun & Mercury in Trishadaya houses ( 3rd or 6th or 11th house) & 7th house occupied by Mars & Saturn. 

6.  Mercury & Sun in Trishadaya houses and aspected by Mars & Saturn 
7.  Debleated Venus with Rahu.

8.  Mercury & 6th Lord in 4th House. & Saturn in lagna. 

9.  Venus in Taurus or Saggitarius. in Lagna & afflicted moon aspecting Venus.

10. Night birth, Venus in 5th House & Mercury in 6th House.

11. Moon – Mars – Mercury together on Ra/Ke axis in 3rd House/11th House axis.

12. Mercury – 3rd House/3rd Lord, 11th House/11th Lord, if under benefic influence, good to hear & vice versa.
Stay Blessed
Vineet Kamran
Astrology for problem of speech. communication and memory